Collegamento pro Sindone was a bimonthly periodical founded in 1986 thanks to the initiative of some laics, thanks to the tireless work of Ilona Farkas and to the willingness of P. Gilberto Frigo, o.f.m., responsible for Collegamento pro Fidelitate, a magazine of spirituality for nuns. Collegamento pro Sindone was the supplement of the mother magazine, published by Edizioni Giovinezza - ROME (ITALY), that included among its other published works the following books:

Storia antica della Sindone
De cruce
Una presenza!
André-Marie DUBARLE 
Storia antica della
Sindone di Torino 
Ed. Giovinezza, Rome 1989
Giusto LIPSIO 
Il supplizio della croce (1592) 
(Translated by Gino Zaninotto)
Ed. Giovinezza, Rome 1987
Nereo MASINI - Emanuela
La Sindone: una presenza! 
Ed. Giovinezza, Rome 1987

Collegamento pro Sindone was published regularly every two months with an average of 60-64 pages until December 2000. It contained high level articles of the world's most well known scholars of the Shroud. The magazine arrived in every part of the world. Furthermore it included a survey entitled “Notizie Varie” (Various News), that informed the readers about all the activities related to the Shroud, both Italian and foreign, and signaled the telecasts and broadcasts, the articles in newspapers and in magazines, the published books, the videotapes, etc., with relative positive or negative comments.

Since January 2001 Collegamento pro Sindone on paper doesn't exist anymore; the articles have been included directly on our website that has provided information on the Shroud for twenty-five years, from 1997 to 2022.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Emanuela Marinelli
                                                                                                                                                                                                Maurizio Marinelli