NEWS 2005
  • A new preparation of the case – A new cover of the case containing the Holy Shroud at Turin's Cathedral chapel will be unveiled today by Turin bishop, card. Severino Poletto, at the end of an Eucharistic celebration on the Holy Shroud Feast. In fact, the Holy Shroud Conservation Committee had established that the sheet should be kept extended to avoid its deterioration. A high-tech and high-security reliquary was built for this reason, but it had the defect of being more than five meters in length. Moreover, its armoured covering for security reasons and the room with a controlled climate ended up to constitute, according to the Turin diocese,  "a cold and faceless place". Which is why they thought of a new preparation, that will be presented today. They have turned again to a light, fireproof and easy to remove cloth, gold-coloured. Along all the front of the case there is the traditional prayer that has accompanied the veneration of the Holy Shroud for centuries: "Tuam Sindonem veneramur, Domine, et tuam recolimus Passionem". A “modern and sober” design was so conceived, to better individualize the essence of the Holy Shroud message. The symbols of the “Arma Christi”, iconography  linked to the Passion, were interpreted by a modern cross, with the crown of thorns and the nails entwined, posed on a purple strip that cross the case in the middle. The lighting system of the chapel too has been upgraded to fit the restyling (AGI, May 4, 2005). 

The Chapel with the new preparation of the case

The new preparation of the case

  • On Tuesday, April 19 Card. Joseph Ratzinger was elected Pope and chose Benedict XVI as his name. The new Pope has always shown his attention for the Holy Shroud, which he also mentioned during the recent Way of the Cross on Good Friday, March 25, in his meditation for the eleventh station, Jesus is nailed to the Cross: “The Shroud of Turin gives us an idea of the unbelievable cruelty of this procedure”. In Avvenire of April 20, on page 8, we can find the text of a theological reflection written by Card. Ratzinger in 2002 for the Meeting in Rimini; there you can also read: “He Who is the Beauty Itself has let His Face be hit, has let Himself be spat on and crowned of thorns. The Holy Shroud of Turin can let us imagine all that in a touching way. But just in such a disfigured Face the authentic, extreme Beauty appears: the beauty of the love which lasts "unto the end" and which, just in this, reveals itself as stronger than falsehood and violence”. (Emanuela and Maurizio Marinelli, April 20, 2005). 

Pope Benedict XVI

  • On April 2 evening, on the eve of the Divine Mercy feast, Our Lord called to Himself the Holy Father John Paul II. With him in 1983 the Shroud, given by Umberto II of Savoy, came back to St. Peter's successor, the apostle who first saw it empty, in the Holy Sepulchre. The Pope, we all remember on his knees in front of the worshipped Relic during the 1998 Exhibition, now is contemplating forever that bright Face he loved so much.(Emanuela and Maurizio Marinelli, April 2, 2005).

John Paul II in front of the Shroud in 1998