• On December 12, 2015, Avinoam Danin passed away at age 76 - Prof. Emeritus Avinoam Danin was a researcher and teacher in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for more than 50 years. During his excursions in Israel and neighboring countries he discovered 43 species and 3 subspecies new to science. Three additional species are named after him. His detailed phytosociological work is published in hundreds of articles, 7 books in English and 7 in Hebrew (






  • Father Héctor Guerra, a life for the Shroud and evangelization - Friday, December 11, 2015 passed away in Madrid Father Héctor Guerra LC, president of Othonia and professor of the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum. Born in 1953, Legionary of Christ priest, scholar of the Shroud, Father Guerra had devoted the last decade of his life also to promote knowledge of the Holy Shroud of Turin, as a relic and as a tool for evangelization.

    With Father Rafael Pascual LC, Director of the Institute of Science and Faith, he founded in 2009 Othonia, an international ONG, a non-profit organization, whose objective is “contribute to the improvement, development, training, promotion and diffusion of knowledge related to the Holy Shroud among different peoples and cultures of the world”.

    Their effort has produced in recent years a number of initiatives, still active, as the Postgraduate Diploma in Shroud Studies, born in 2010 and for which Father Guerra, besides being a member of the Scientific Committee, was professor of the course of Theology and spirituality of the Shroud.

    Another important project to raise awareness of the Holy Shroud are the Expositions Who is the man of the Shroud?, made in different parts of the world through two parallel ways: as permanent exhibitions (Jerusalem 2006; Rome 2006; Sacramento, California, 2010; Den Bosch, Netherlands, 2012; Krakow, Poland, 2012; Mexico City, 2012; San Antonio, Texas, 2013) and as traveling exhibitions (like that in Portugal since 2011, and one in Brazil, also since 2011: Curitiba, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Florianopolis).

    Among his books, we remember Cristo, nostra Pasqua, published in 2012 with Cardinal Antonio Cañizares and Father Juan Pablo Ledesma LC, and L’uomo della Sindone, published in 2008 with Israeli botanist Avinoam Danin, who recently passed away too (SRM editorial staff, December 15, 2015)

  • Roll of honor - The Shroud, relic of mercy - «We are all called to reach holiness, and the Shroud – icon and relic of mercy – is a sign of great hope». These are the words spoken by Shroud scholar Emanuela Marinelli, who, on Friday, October 23, in Bassano, has been given the Premio Internazionale Medaglia d’oro al merito della Cultura Cattolica (International Award Gold Medal of merit of Catholic Culture).


    Emanuela Marinelli riceve il Premio dall’assessore Linda Munari, in rappresentanza del sindaco di Bassano.

    Lo scorso anno il premio era stato assegnato a p. Romano Scalfi.


    The ceremony of delivery of the award has been the occasion to know deeply the scholar’s family tradition, what oriented her towards the study of Natural Sciences, a discipline through which she approached for the first time to the sacred cloth, which, moreover, still gathers scientific findings and great devotion.

    Marinelli did not hide her firm belief, expressed during 38 years of uninterrupted depth studies with 17 books on the subject, that the image impressed is that of Jesus Christ. «Of course », she claimed, «that is the image of a crucified man who suffered an exemplar scourging, and who, after having died through the punishment for that time’s criminals, has not been thrown in a mass grave, but he has been buried with a regal treatment». Everything matches with the description of the Gospels, and this makes even more believable the fact that what can be seen «printed» on the linen is right Christ’s face.

    To many incontestable scientific data, can be added elements of more recent detection, like for example the calculation that the corpse has been wrapped in the cloth for 36-40 hours and the fact that the fibers of the tissue have become more yellow as if they were exposed to a strong and sudden light source.

    The data collected in many years of studies, Marinelli explained, always leave space, though, to the doubt of who does not want to believe. «In the Shroud there is the image of a moment of death and Resurrection that enlivens our faith», she commented.

    The Shroud is a sheet that «is like the fifth Gospel written with Jesus’ blood, and right because of this it lets us read with and adequate eye also the four other Gospels», explained the president of the Jury that awards the Prize, Prof. Sergio Belardinelli.

    Born in a big family, Marinelli confessed immediately that her journey of devotion and culture right began in her family. «My father made me read a lot of books about the saints, because – he said – the saints do not leave you alibis». We can feel like the examples given by Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary are « unachievable», but the saints are still people like us, and «if they reached holiness, it means that it is accessible to everyone».

    As regards her relationship with the Shroud, Marinelli said that it was an unavoidable meeting: «I did not choose to become an apostle of the Shroud, because God put on my way some signals that I had to follow». The announcement, towards the end of the 70s, that on the fibers of the sheet had been found traces of 58 pollens, 38 of which belonging to plants typical of the Middle East area, unleashed her Natural Sciences graduate curiosity.

    Then came the famous analysis performed through radiocarbon 14, after which the Shroud was believed to be made during the Middle Ages. An exam that Marinelli first contested to the root, highlighting how the sample used had been taken from one of the most polluted and contaminated areas of the Shroud cloth, that suffered during many centuries exhibitions with bare hands, darning, disrespectful usages, whose consequences could not have a negative effect on the status of the examined fibers. Professor Marinelli has not hidden her doubts that even the findings have been carried out with malice and very little scientific scruple to get to a final reply that was evidently distorted. And yet, the announcement of the results emerged through the radiocarbon analysis was mediatically studied with care, and still today in television programs and on non-specialistic publications the vulgata that wants the Shroud to be medieval returns, and this consideration has been denied many times by the research carried out during the last years.

    «The best definition of the Shroud, in my opinion, was given by Orazio Petrosillo, when he described it as “the photonews from the Calvary”», commented the prizewinner. «This sheet leaves us on the threshold of the Mystery of why did the corpse of the crucified man, who for sure has been wrapped there, did not remain there, even though it had been in contact with the linen for a time lapse that goes from 36 to 40 hours, in full compliance of what is written in the Gospels».

    Numerous were the messages that arrived to congratulate with Professor Marinelli for the award won. Among others, the ones from Vatican Secretary of State Mgr. Pietro Parolin who transmitted the congratulations of the Holy Father, from Card. Camillo Ruini, from the Archbishop of Milan Mgr. Angelo Scola and from the secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Laity Mgr. Josef Clemens (Andrea Mariotto, Studi Cattolici n. 657, November 2015, pp. 803-804).


  • The 2015 Exhibition ended on June 24th. During the Exhibition’s conclusive press conference, held on the following day, the Archbishop Mgr. Cesare Nosiglia tracked a record of the 67 days which shows the following entries:

    "It was an Exhibition amongst the most participated and experienced by pilgrims for human and spiritual intensity. The organization and the welcoming were perfect also for the kindness and friendliness of the volunteers. The path towards the Shroud proved useful with the panels of social saints and with the movie of the prefetch, both judged by everyone well-made and necessary. All pilgrims then had the opportunity to pause in silence and prayer before the Shroud for a sufficient time.
    The profile of the pilgrims was very wide and varied: families with children, young people, the homeless and the poor, Orthodox and Evangelicals, Muslims and members of other religions, people from European countries, America, Africa, Middle East and Asia. Of particular note are the thousands of Filipino visitors.
    Numerous cardinals stopped in front of the Cloth, together with bishops, priests, deacons, religious men and women, ecclesial associations and movements. Thick delegations of pontifical councils of the Holy See and the offices of the CEI.
    Also political, economic and financial authorities, people from entertainment, sports, film and theater fields prayed in front of the Shroud.
    And how were the pilgrims like
    The total number of pilgrims visiting the Holy Shroud during the 2015 Exhibition is the sum of the people who have booked and have made the journey, those who participated in the celebrations in the Cathedral, the groups that walked right through the central door without reservation and authorities and personalities accompanied by the Ceremonial. With this calculation, the total pilgrims were more than two million people.
    To these must be added those who during the two-day visit of the Pope have followed him all the way from Caselle to Turin, in all the squares and streets where He passed and stopped. We can say, then, that Turin has received 3 million people.
    An infinite number of messages and endless claims have been received about how the experience of the Shroud was intense and full of grace and joy for the pilgrims.
    The Visit of Pope Francis
    The Pope and all his followers were surprised by the enthusiastic welcome of the people, a sign of great affection for the Pope.
    The Pope's speeches and his actions have hit the mark and will remain in the hearts of everyone as an invitation to hope and confidence in the future.
    The actions of the three representatives of the world of work were concrete, realistic and not of fact but also full of hope in God and in themselves. A good injection of optimism even in the middle of the well-known difficulties.
    Before the Shroud the Pope was in meditative silence like a common pilgrim. No word not to break the climate of silence and contemplation that the Shroud requires. But he made a gesture full of tenderness and pregnant meaning. He touched the sacred Linen, he stroked it, as if he had touched the broken body of the Lord to comfort him. It's nice that the One from whom we receive the consolation of God becomes the object of tenderness and consolation. You see in this gesture the one of Veronica who wipes the face of Jesus, or that of the women who go to anoint the body of the deceased. But you can also see the gesture of the woman with a hemorrhage, of which the Gospel speaks, who wants to touch Jesus’ cloak for healing herself. Jesus tells her: "It is your faith that has saved you."
    The "gift" of Pope Francis for the poor of Turin

    The Pope gave me a blessing and a thanks to the volunteers of the Shroud and to those who have done their utmost for the success of the Exhibition. The handwritten text says: "
    I thank the Volunteers of the Shroud and also those who have helped me in my visit to Turin. I cordially bless you and your families. And please do not forget to pray for me. May the Lord bless you and may the Madonna keep you. Affectionately. Francis. 21.06.2015"
    The Pope asked me to benefit from the gift of donations from the pilgrims of the Exhibition and from the faithful of the diocese of Turin, for a work of charity in favor of the poor people in Turin. The figure exceeds one million Euros. It will be defined in these days with Caritas, the Migrantes Office and the Health Pastoral which will make it work.
    The Pope also wrote a note to bless the young people who had welcomed Him in Solferino square and during the journey to Caselle. The note says: “
    Dear boys and girls, I have left Turin after my visit, bearing in my heart your warm welcome, I have blessed you and I invite you to always be friends with Jesus and among yourselves, to donate to everyone His Gospel of love and peace. I bless you all with my heart, together with your parents, priests and parish organizers. Pray for me. Francis. 22.6.2015
    The speeches and gestures of the Holy Father will be converted into a pastoral letter to the city and to the Diocese so that it may be the support base of our common path for the next years." (Shroud Exhibition 2015 Press Office - Turin, June 25, 2015)
  • Pope Francis, on Sunday, June 21, visited Turin to venerate the Holy Shroud and to commemorate the 200th anniversary of St. John Bosco’s birth. He has been received by the Archbishop and Papal Guardian of the Shroud Cesare Nosiglia from Turin, and then he celebrated mass in Vittorio Veneto Square. There have also been other city events, involving Shroud pilgrims, the young and sick people. Archbishop Cesare Nosiglia received the Pope with the following message:

    Holy Father, Your presence among us is a source of so much joy. We have been waiting for you for months, praying and meditating on Your Apostolic Exhortation 'Evangelii Gaudium', to get in tune with Your heart and Your teachings, which even today You are offering us with plenty. You know that, as people living in Piedmont, we are sober with words and do not manifest on the outside many feelings, that we have within ourselves; but today we cannot help but express gratitude to the Lord and to You, dear Father, for having accepted the invitation to come to honor the Saint of the Youth, priest of this Church, loved all around the world, and to contemplate the Shroud, one of the most precious treasures that the Church of Turin, thanks to You, preserves with love and trepidation.
    You know Turin and its territory and You also know that its inhabitants are active and enterprising, open to innovation in the social and ecclesial fields, tenacious and hard workers and entrepreneurs. Today, You are facing people who are going through a difficult situation, both religiously and socially. Therefore Your message of hope shakes the conscience of those who resigned and enlivens those belonging to who, on the contrary, is determined to fight hard for a different future, richer of shared spiritual and social values.
    Our numerous Saints and Blessed have transmitted us a faith focused on the biggest Love, that is the cross of Christ, lived for each and every poor and last person, in need of dignity and acceptance, respect and solidarity and justice. Our particular Churches, backed by the faithful and generous commitment of many priests, permanent deacons, consecrated persons and a large army of volunteer laymen, will take charge of the daily needs of the poor and their rights and requirements of justice and solidarity, in close cooperation with the social and institutional components.
    We want to have a positive and full of hope sight towards that kind of population that has been for Don Bosco - and it is for us - particularly loved, sought and valued. Yes, Holy Father, young people are our best part, on which we are concentrating our strengths, to accompany them to face courageously the problems they have, from the lack of work, to the family difficulties, to moral and spiritual lack of commitment. The speakers of our parishes are opening up more and more to the outside, to inhabit the places where young people meet and to announce that Jesus calls them friends and has a special love for each of them.
    Unfortunately, the lack of vocations is felt, although there are encouraging signs of recovery, like the constant and qualified service of religious institutes for men and women in the educational, spiritual and pastoral field, and generous missionary commitment from many lay people, in associations and movements in parishes, to train to be community organizers and witnesses of Jesus Christ in the different environments of social and family life.
    Mindful of Don Bosco’s lesson to be "good Christians and honest citizens," I assure You that what You are delivering us during this visit with Your Word and most of all Your example, will be welcomed by the Churches of Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta and by the entire population of our territory as a stimulus and orientation to announce with joy and fidelity the Gospel and to bear witness with consistency, promoting the dignity of every person and family, the custody of that environment so rich in natural resources that the Lord has donated us, justice and equality among all parts of society.
    Holy Father, we would finally deliver to You what has been offered by the pilgrims of the Holy Shroud, to a charity that You will support, according to the priorities that You think most appropriate.
    Thank you, Holy Father: bless us and continue to maintain with this land that loving affection and closeness that You have always had, and which today renews so fully and joyfully.
    +Cesare Nosiglia
    Archbishop of Turin
    Papal Custodian of the Shroud

Pope Francis spent some time in the Cathedral in silent and in contemplation of the Holy Cloth.  

He prayed with the Archbishop of Turin, Mgr. Nosiglia, Cardinal Severino Poletto, archbishop emeritus of Turin, the bishops of the Episcopal Conference of Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta, the cloistered nuns and the guest priests of the houses of the clergy and the diocese and even the Chapter of canonicals, the Shroud Commission, some representatives of the House of Savoy and some relatives of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, in front of whose altar Pope Francis prayed. After the contemplation, the Pope placed his hand gently on the reliquary containing the Shroud.

During the Angelus recited in Vittorio Veneto Square, the Pope said: “Our thought goes to the Virgin Mary, loving and caring mother towards all Her children, who Jesus had committed Her from the Cross, while offering Himself in the greatest gesture of love. Icon of this love is the Shroud, which even this time attracted so many people here in Turin. The Shroud attracts towards Jesus’ Face and tortured Body and, at the same time, pushes towards the face of every suffering and unfairly persecuted person. It pushes us in the same direction as Jesus’ gift of love. 'The love of Christ constraineth us': these words of Saint Paul were Saint Joseph Benedict Cottolengo’s motto.” (Diocesi di Torino website - Turin, June 21, 2015)

  • The Holy Shroud, a sign of hope for families - A solemn celebration, last night in the Cathedral, for the liturgical feast of the Holy Shroud. The Mass was presided over by the papal custodian and archbishop Msgr. Nosiglia, with many diocesan priests in Turin. Msgr. Paolo Pezzi, archbishop of the Catholic diocese of the Mother of God in Moscow, which has jurisdiction on all Russia, attended the celebration. Msgr. Pezzi also gave a short homily, after that of Msgr. Nosiglia, for the Russian faithful who accompany him in this pilgrimage to the Shroud. In his homily the archbishop of Turin stressed above all the meaning and value of the family, described as “protagonist” of this exhibition, because, said Msgr. Nosiglia, families with children, who pray and listen before the Shroud, are a great sign of hope for all of us. (Diocesi di Torino website - Turin, May 5, 2015)
  • Color, blood, history: the annual meeting of the Shroud scholars - About 300 scholars and experts from around the world, collaborating and linked with the International Centre of Sindonologia, met in Turin on May 2 for the annual meeting of the Centre itself. The aim of the meeting was to review the progress on some Shroud issues that need in-depth research. Speeches by representatives of the scientific world dealt with historical research, the formation of the Shroud image and its color, investigations of forensic medicine and palynological analysis. It was important to underline the presence of the Archbishop of Turin , Mgr. Nosiglia, who praised and encouraged the efforts of researchers. (Shroud Exhibition 2015 Press Office - Turin, May 3, 2015)

  • The Shroud Exhibition 2015 has opened - «The world needs a greater Love: the love that wins over evil and brings reconciliation, stronger than adversities and difficulties. Being in front of the Shroud means welcoming signs of this greater Love that spent Himself on humanity. I wish pilgrims bring this gift in their daily lives that should shine with hope.»
    With these words the Archbishop of Turin and Pontifical Custodian of Shroud Mgr. Cesare Nosiglia inaugurated, with the presence of the mayor Piero Fassino and other important figures, the path towards the Cathedral and the Shroud.
    «The Exhibition is an event of an extraordinary religious and social importance», said the mayor of Turin, Piero Fassino. During the Exhibition a rich program of cultural initiatives was planned.  
    The Exhibition, the third of the new millennium, was opened on April 19 with a solemn Mass in the Cathedral, celebrated by Mgr. Nosiglia with the bishops of Piedmont.
    In the afternoon, the path was opened to the pilgrims, who began to flow in front of the Shroud starting from 4 p.m. The route starts on Viale dei Partigiani (Monument to the Carabiniere) at the Royal Gardens and runs for 850 meters to the Cathedral. (Shroud Exhibition 2015 Press Office - Turin, April 19, 2015)
  • Visit to the Shroud of Saturday, April 18 for the accredited journalists - Saturday, April 18, exclusively for accredited journalists, a visit to the Shroud in the Cathedral took place as a preview. During the visit it was possible to take films and photographies. The Archbishop Mgr. Cesare Nosiglia,  Papal Custodian of the Shroud, was in the Cathedral and was available for interviews. During the Exhibition the access to the Shroud is possible to the accredited journalists only followed by the Press Office members. The pilgrimage to the Shroud is an event of faith: all colleagues are strongly encouraged to respect the atmosphere of prayer on the way and within the Cathedral. (Shroud Exhibition 2015 Press Office - Turin, April 19, 2015)

  • The Shroud is moved for the 2015 Exhibition - On the occasion of the 2015 Shroud Exhibition in Turin Cathedral, Comau, a Fiat Chrysler Automobiles company, made and donated to the organizing committee of the Exhibition a rising and transfer platform for the operations of shifting the case that contains the Sacred Linen sheet. The platform created by the designers of Comau in Grugliasco allowed to move the bed on which the Shroud is spread, normally located in the preservation case, to the Exhibition case (at a distance of approximately 10 meters), that is arranged above the high altar of the Turin Cathedral. The platform has a dual pantograph with a specific frame designed to accommodate the bed on which the Shroud is stretched,  more than 4.5 meters long and about 1.2 meters wide;  the handling is ensured by an electrical system. It was possible to lift the Shroud from the starting position up to the alignment with the Exhibition reliquary (positioned almost three meters high) and at the same time move it horizontally to an easier approach between the support surface of the platform and the Exhibition case. The platform will be used again at the end of the Exhibition to store again the Holy Shroud in the preservation case. (La Stampa, April 17, 2015)

  • Presentation of the 2015 Exhibition to the foreign press – Rome, April 15, 2015

The reason for the Exhibition
The Exhibition of the Shroud was granted by the Pope on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of St. John Bosco’s birth. Particular attention is being paid not only to the Salesian world, but also to young people and to those who live in and with suffering (the sick and the caregivers), with specific times of pilgrimage and the organization of reception activities for them.
The tour day by day
The Shroud is being exhibited in Turin in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist from April 19th  to June 24th. Every day, from 7:30 to 19:30, you can move along the approach path and, after an explanatory “pre-viewing” of the Linen, enter the Cathedral. You cannot visit the Shroud on June 20th and 21st, on the occasion of Pope Francesco’s visit in Turin.
The visit to the Shroud is completely free although reservations are required. These can be made via the official website -, or via the call center +39/011.5252550.
The opening day
The Exhibition begins Sunday, April 19th  with a Mass celebrated by the Papal Custodian of the Shroud Mgr. Cesare Nosiglia, Archbishop of Turin, with the bishops of Piedmont. In the afternoon of the same day the visits to the Shroud will begin.
The motto, the logo
«The Greatest Love», from the Gospel of John (15:13), is the motto that has been chosen by the Guardian for this Exhibition. It is God’s love, revealed in the Passion of Jesus Christ, in the full gift of His life, that pushes each of us to place ourselves at our brothers’ service and, in particular, at the service of the poorest of them.
The logo for the Exhibition was chosen starting from a research done by the Turin young people of the Academy of Fine Arts and groups of parishes. The Armando Testa Agency has developed it, making it the ‘manifesto’” of this Shroud Exhibition.
For this Exhibition of the Shroud, as in previous Exhibitions, the work done by volunteers from  Turin Christian communities and other associations is essential: they are over 4,600  and  will provide all the services for the pilgrim reception.
A voluntary service of vital importance is being performed by a medical staff: doctors and nurses who, in agreement with public facilities, are available along the way to help any visitors in difficulty.
The path
The path that the faithful must follow to reach the Cathedral and approach the Shroud is 850 meters long and almost completely covered. The point of reception and access to the path is in via Viale Partigiani. Pilgrims will then cross the Higher Royal Gardens and the new wing of the Royal Palace, which is the area of “pre-viewing” to prepare people to see and understand the Linen  (projection of images with details of it), before entering the Cathedral and being able to stop for a few minutes before the Shroud. At the exit of this route there are other services, such as the Exhibition official bookshop in Piazza Castello at the corner of via Palazzo di Città, which is also the same-day reservation centre, and the ‘penitenzierie’, where pilgrims can receive the Sacrament of Confession. The ‘penitenzierie’ are inside the church of the Holy Spirit (via Porta Palatina) and in a marquee in Piazza San Giovanni (opposite the Cathedral); the latter has a confessional equipped for the disabled access.
Facilities for the sick and disabled
Special attention for the sick who will visit the Shroud is also reflected in the facilities. For the first time in Turin two ‘accueil’, modelled on those in Lourdes, have been made for pilgrims (the sick and the caregivers) who stop in the city more than a day, as well as reception places for those who go on a one-day pilgrimage. The accueil are near the Cathedral, at Maria Adelaide Hospital and at Cottolengo, and offer hospitality for the whole period of the Exhibition at reasonable prices (70 beds are available with accommodation, meals and medical care services). You can book your stay in an accueil via the “Sick and Disabled” page at
Every day of the Exhibition a priority lane will be reserved for the sick and disabled for their visit to the Shroud. Wheelchairs and volunteer caregivers are available to assist. A short path, about 300 meters, will also be set up and be available to pilgrims with special problems on Wednesdays from 14:00 to 17:30 with reserved parking access from Piazzetta Reale.
To book a visit on a shorter route, it is essential to phone the Exhibition call center at +39/011.5295550 (Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:00 and on Saturdays from 9:00 to 14:00). For information and special needs please contact the “Sick and Disabled” Secretary at +39/011.5395518 (available on Wednesdays from 14:00 to 17:30) or by email at
Young people
Young people are the protagonists of the 2015 Exhibition which is taking place during the  celebrations of the bicentenary of St. John Bosco’s birth, a role model for generations of young people all over the world. With the “Turin for Young” project, the Youth Pastoral of the Diocese of Turin and the Salesian Youth Pastoral in Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta are coordinating a welcoming service for young pilgrims who come to Turin for the Exhibition (information is available at and
Young people will also be preparing for a meeting with Pope Francis on Sunday, June 21st through a special “Speakers and Young People’s Happening”, like a mini-WYD, which will begin on June 19th at 18:00 at the Sanctuary of the Consolata with a Mass celebrated by the Archbishop, then there will be moments of catechesis, witnesses and prayer. Registration to the Happening can be made at
Website and social networking
There is a new graphic layout and a different content for,
the official website of the Diocesan Commission for the Shroud and the only online booking point for the pilgrimage.
Through the button “Book your visit” you can access the booking system for visits to the Shroud. This is available in Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Polish and Russian. The website is in three languages: Italian, English and French, but press releases and information of particular importance will also be available in other major EU Community languages.
Information and communication work on the Shroud is being done in collaboration with,
the site of the Center for Sindonologia, the Museum of the Shroud and the Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud.
At the 2015 Exhibition, for the first time communication is being made via the most  common Social Networking channels. These accounts are active and are being continuously updated:
• Twitter: @Sindone2015
• Facebook:
• YouTube: Sindone2015
A twitter channel, entirely in English, is being dedicated especially to the press, information and media professionals.
and is being managed by Della Silva Communication, a communication company and partner of the Exhibition in 2015.The e-mail address is
  • Press conference to present the exhibition of the Holy Shroud - On March 25, 2015 a press conference was held in the Holy See Press Office to present the upcoming exhibition of the Holy Shroud of Turin (Turin, 19 April – 24 June 2015), on the occasion of the second centenary of the birth of St. John Bosco, which will be specially dedicated to the young and to those who suffer. The Pope will also make a pilgrimage to Turin from 21 to 22 June.

    The speakers at the conference were the Archbishop of Turin, Cesare Nosiglia, papal guardian of the Shroud; Elide Tisi, vice mayor of Turin; Roberto Gottardo, president of the diocesan Commission for the Shroud; and Rev. Luca Ramello, director of youth pastoral ministry for the Turin diocese.

    Archbishop Nosiglia explained that the Shroud represents, for the Universal Church, a point of reference of the first order for the life of the faith of many people and communities, who in this image recognise the signs of the Lord's passion, of Jesus who “inspires our lives and challenges us to fully realise our deepest vocation. Therefore”, he added “the theme I have chosen for the next exhibition is 'The Greatest Love': the gift of salvation which is made visible in our response, the worship of God and service to our brothers”.

    The Pope's trip, like the exhibition as a whole, is also intended to give thanks for 'the Saint of youth', and for the service that the Salesian family carries out in Turin and throughout the world in the fields of education, mission, sport and communication. … The world of youth is particularly involved in the Salesian mission, and during the Pope's visit there will be a sort of mini Youth Day, a series of meetings, encounters, prayer, moments of celebration that help resume contact with the young. An extraordinary sign will be the presence of the Word Youth Day Cross, which will make a stop in Turin during its journey to Krakow”.

    Another peculiarity of this exhibition is attention to the world of those who suffer, and therefore this year sick or disabled pilgrims and those who accompany them will be able to benefit from new hospitality structures based on the model of the 'Accueil' in Lourdes. It is also hoped that the Pilgrimage to the Shroud will offer an opportunity to partake in the sacrament of Reconciliation, as a “concrete sign of forgiveness” and, as on previous occasions, “in various places priests will hear the confessions of the faithful in all the world's major languages”.

    The Archbishop emphasised that the 2015 exhibition has been organised according to the criterion of austerity, in a period of severe economic and social crisis throughout the area, and he thanked those entities that have offered their cooperation to help limit costs as far as possible. He also announced that during the exhibition of the Shroud, Beato Angelico's celebrated “Lamentation over the Dead Christ” will be exhibited in the diocesan museum, on loan for the occasion from the city of Florence.

    As you are aware, visiting the Shroud is completely free. Traditionally many pilgrims at the leave a simple offering at the end of their journey, deposited with full discretion at the exit of the Cathedral and in the places of confession. On this occasion all the offerings will be given to the Pope when he is with us in Turin on 21 June. We will ask him to use them, naturally with full freedom, for a work, or a project to assist the poorest or neediest”. (Vatican Information Service, March 25, 2015)

  • The Holy Father's visit to Turin - On Sunday June 21 the Pope will visit Turin. He will arrive in the city at 8 a.m. and, half an hour later, will meet with representatives of the world of work in the Piazzetta Reale. From there, he will move on to the Cathedral where he will pray before the Holy Shroud and before the altar of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati. At 10.45 a.m. he will celebrate the Eucharist in Piazza Vittorio Veneto and will recite the Sunday Angelus prayer.

    Following Mass, the Pope will proceed to the Archbishop's residence to lunch with young detainees from the “Ferrante Aporti” penitentiary for minors, several immigrants and homeless people, and a Rom family.

    At 2.40 p.m. he will visit the Sanctuary of the Consolata, where he will withdraw for a few minutes in private prayer. At 3 p.m., in the Basilica of Santa Maria Ausiliatrice, where he will meet with Salesians and the Daughters of Santa Maria Ausiliatrice. An hour later, in the Church of Cottolengo, he will meet with the sick and disabled.

    Back in Piazza Vittorio Veneto, at 6 p.m., he will meet with young people of the city, after which he will retire to the Archbishop's residence.

    On Monday June 22, at 9 a.m., he will visit the Valdese Temple. Upon returning to the Archbishop's residence, where he will meet privately with some of his relatives. He will celebrate a Holy Mass with them in the Chapel and will lunch with them. Before his departure from Torino “Caselle” airport, he will meet the members of the Committee of the Shroud, the organizers and supporters of his visit. (Vatican Information Service, March 25, 2015)

  • Towards the exhibition - Cathedral closed from January 21, 2015 - From Wednesday January 21, the Cathedral of Turin will be closed to the public: for the beginning of the preparatory work for the exhibition of the Shroud, scheduled from next April 19 to June 24. On the last opening day - Tuesday 20 - a Mass will be celebrated, at 10 a.m., for the feast of the Municipal Police on the day of the patron saint, Sebastian. The Cathedral will be opened, with the daily celebrations, up to 7 p.m.
    The works - As for the other exhibition it is necessary to completely renew the interior of the Cathedral, which will be cleared-out the  interior fittings and prepared for the "exhibition mode". The first works are structural. The presbytery area will be of 10 meters extended, it will be realized a 'foot-bridges system' for the pilgrims, it will be started the assembly of the "machine" that will support the reliquary of the exhibition. They will also provide to darken all the windows of the Dome and the naves of the Cathedral: a necessary operation to minimize the exposure of the Shroud to light and promote concentration and meditation. Then the lighting experts will arrange the light beams that will allow a best viewing of the Cloth from the different points of the church. An innovation of this edition concerns the foot-bridges: instead of building lofts in cement, the supports of the passages will be made in reusable metal. The works won't concern either the Shroud or the reliquary and the security systems, which will remain unchanged. The Shroud will remain in the case of preservation, in the Chapel under thr Royal Apse, until the days immediately preceding the exhibition.
    The parish - the parish community of the Cathedral, as during each exhibition, will "move" its activities in the church of St. Thomas (at the corner of Via Pietro Micca). Weekday Mass will be celebrated at 13.30; then there will be the Vigil Mass at 18 and, on holidays, the celebration will be at 10.30. The function of the Canons of the Metropolitan Chapter is suspended for the period of the exhibition (in the Cathedral it was held at 18, preceded by the prayer of Vespers at 17.30). In St. Thomas (via Monte di Pietà 11) it will be also opened, with the usual timetable, the parish office, and there they will continue to take place the catechisms and the activities of the oratory and church groups.
    The Mass with the volunteers - Each month, at the beginning of the preparation for the exhibition, the volunteers will meet to attend the Mass, celebrated by Fr Roberto Gottardo, President of the Diocesan Commission for the Shroud and by Msgr. Giuseppe Ghiberti, President emeritus. The appointment, for next months, will be no longer at the Cathedral but at the Holy Face. Next Mass will be celebrated on Wednesday, January 28 at 18.30 at  the Holy Face.
    For the colleagues a piece of service information - Please, kindly give relief to the news about the closure of the Cathedral. There are, in fact, many groups and tourists who come to visit the Cathedral and the Chapel of the Holy Shroud every day, and that after January 21 won't be allowed to enter. Recall, also, that a full-size copy of the Cloth is permanently exposed in the Church of the Holy Shroud, in Via San Domenico at the corner of via Piave. (Mauro Gentile - Press Office of Shroud Exhibition of 2015, January 19, 2015)