• Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI passed away this morning in the Mater Ecclesiae Monastery in the Vatican at the age of 95. He arrived in Turin on May 2, 2010, on the occasion of the exhibition of the Shroud, and gathered in prayer in front of the sacred sheet in the Cathedral of San Giovanni. (Torino Today, 31 December 2022)

Papa Benedetto XVI

  • The sculptor Sergio Rodella, author of a three-dimensional reproduction of the body wrapped in the Holy Shroud, died at the age of 73. (Il Gazzettino, 18 December 2022)

Sergio Rodella

  • The archbishop emeritus of Turin, Cardinal Severino Poletto, died yesterday at the age of 89. He was also a passionate Custodian of the Shroud: he led the two exhibitions in 2000 and 2010. (La Repubblica, 18 December 2022)

Cardinal Poletto

  • The European meeting of Taizé youth in Turin took place from 7 to 10 July. One of the highlights was the "white night" of prayer, Saturday 9, with the contemplation of the Holy Shroud. (

the contemplation of the Holy Shroud on July 9, 2022

  • On May 24, 2022 Cav. Gino Moretto passed away at the age of 98. Member of the Confraternity of the Most Holy Sudarium, for many years he was secretary of the International Center of Sindonology and of the Sindon magazine. He published three volumes particularly useful for spreading the knowledge of the Shroud and did his utmost in many activities related to the Sacred Linen. (






Mons. Cesare Nosiglia in front of the Shroud on May 4, 2022

  • The 'Sindonic Crucifix' in the Turin CathedralOn Tuesday, April 26, 2022, the unveiling and blessing of the “Sindonic Crucifix”, the work of a blind artist, was held in the Turin Cathedral.  The director of the Diocesan Museum and parish priest of the Cathedral, Don Carlo Franco; the artist Andrea Bianco; Dr. Emanuela Marinelli, scholar of the Shroud, attended. The artist and the expert helped to understand the work and its relationship with the Sacred Linen, which is kept a few steps from the altar where the cross is positioned. The work, donated to the Diocesan Museum, will remain in the Cathedral for the entire Easter season, until the solemnity of Pentecost. It will then be exhibited in the Museum below, in the area dedicated to the Holy Shroud. (









  • The Celebration of the Cross on April 15, 2022  – Good Friday – in the Turin Cathedral wanted to emphasize the prayer for peace, in the days of the war in Ukraine. The Custodian of the Shroud and Archbishop of Turin, Msgr. Cesare Nosiglia, asked Fr. Gheorghe Vasilescu of the Romanian Orthodox Church Saint Parascheva of Turin to participate in the prayer in front of the Sheet. (

Mons. Cesare Nosiglia and P. Gheorghe Vasilescu in front of the Shroud